Placement Made Easy

Thomas Örtendahl, DDS

The Gestenco Bite Bumper works very well for deep bite cases when it is difficult to put brackets in the lower jaw correctly. It is also very convenient when you have an inversion of the upper centrals and laterals and it is impossible to put brackets on these teeth. The built-in placement jig makes the Bite Bumper easy and fast to place correctly on the lingual of the upper centrals.

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Lingual Positioning

J. Clifton Alexander, DDS, MS

Proper bracket positioning is paramount with any orthodontic appliance; even more so with lingual orthodontics. Our goal is to have ideal bracket positioning so that we can allow the wires to do the work. Given the fact that iBraces are custom fit to the definition of the anatomy and cover the majority of the lingual surface on each patient, it is very easy to place them back in their original positions accurately. This preserves the prescription and avoids the need to bend wires.

Adding Fun to Brackets

Jean McGill, DDS
Easton, Pa

As a longtime Damon bracket user, I have tried to educate my patients on the benefits of self-ligation. Some of our younger patients are disappointed that we do not use colored braces. Bracket Jacketz interchangeable clips for brackets have made treatments much more fun for our younger patients. Patients enjoy the opportunity to change their designs at home without waiting until their next visit. We give our patients an initial set with the hygiene kit. They have the opportunity to select other designs if their oral hygiene is good. The Bracket Jacketz work great with the Damon system. Offering this product has given us the opportunity to distinguish our practice from our competition.