Harold Enoch

Improving Communications and Conversions
Harold O. Enoch, DMD, MS, PC
Marietta, Ga

I have been able to increase my conversions from 75% to 85% using the tools in my topsXtreme practice-management system. While patients are in the office, their records are made and dropped immediately into their patient files digitally, and I can see the information and put together my treatment plan by creating sophisticated letters and documents to illustrate my clinical intentions. This gives me more time with my patients, who comment on how organized and professional we are in the office. I am able to do a one-step consultation with 95% of my patients. Previously, we did the same thing, but they weren’t as efficient—I had to print things out and mail the paperwork to their homes. I had nothing clinical to show the patient during the consultation. topsXtreme helps make my practice simple and easy.


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Do you offer tooth whitening as part of your treatment protocol?

Yes, I offer it for an extra charge 28.6%
Yes, it comes free with treatment 14.3%
No, I do not offer whitening 57.1%