In a statement, AAO President Ken Dillehay reminded members that they can apply to the AAOF Disaster Relief Fund for financial support. 

Ken Dillehay, DDS, MS, president of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), released a statement stating the association’s support for those orthodontists affected by Hurricane Ida. In addition to expressing hope that members and their families are “safe and secure,” Dillehay wanted to ensure that members are aware of the disaster relief options and support available to them. 

AAO members who are victims of natural disasters can apply to the AAOF Disaster Relief Fund which is administered by the AAO’s charitable foundation. As Dillehay notes in his statement, qualified applicants can receive financial support of up to $5,000 to assist in restoring, repairing, or reconstructing a practice facility. These funds can also be used to offset damage to or loss of dental equipment and orthodontic supplies. 

Dillehay’s statement also points out that the AAO has a collection of resources for those experiencing mental health issues. The resources address topics ranging from managing stress to confronting and overcoming obstacles and motivating the team through hardship. These webinars are available on-demand and are offered at no cost to AAO members.