Dentist, author, and Reality TV star, Heavenly Kimes, DDS, will host three days of ADA Dent Talks at SmileCon 2022 in Houston.

The American Dental Association announced that Heavenly Kimes, DDS, will host the ADA Dent Talks at SmileCon 2022 on October 13 in Houston.

Kimes is a cosmetic and implant dentist who owns a practice in the Atlanta area and co-wrote the bestselling series, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love. Additionally, she is the author of Dr. Heavenly’s Business Prescriptions and The Business of Love.

Kimes appears on Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine with her husband, Damon Kimes, MD.

Dent Talks will feature three speakers from the dental community, providing their perspectives on each session’s theme. This year’s three themes include Human Challenge, Road Less Traveled and Love of Dentistry.

SmileCon 2022 is the ADA’s joint meeting with the 2022 Texas Dental Association Meeting and the 2023 Greater Houston Dental Society’s Star of the South Dental Meeting. It takes place from October 13-15 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

On October 13, the first Dent Talk session will be Love of Dentistry. The discussion aims to help dentists understand the importance of their platform, connect their stories to their practices and communities, and have an impact on the communities they serve.

Speakers include Catherine Murphy, DDS, orthodontist and founder of In Harmony Orthodontics in Griffith, Ind, Steve C. Hollar, DDS, general dentist in Warsaw, Ind, and Gary Bethea, DDS, general dentist and author in Blythewood, SC.

October 14 will feature the discussion topic, Road Less Traveled. The conversation is aimed at sharing inspiring stories of choosing unconventional paths and helping attendees open their hearts and minds to new opportunities, receiving invitations presented in their lives, and preparing themselves for challenges.

Speakers include Tina M. Brandon Abbatangelo, DDS, clinical director of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Smiles Dental Clinic at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, and Ashley Rosenbaum, DMD, pediatric dentist and owner of Premier Pediatric Dentistry in Miami, Fla.

On October 15, the Dent Talk Session will be Human Challenge. The discussion focuses on how challenges are a part of life and shares speakers’ stories of challenges and triumphs, as well as tips to help dentists get going when life gets tough.

Speakers include Rico D. Short, DMD, endodontist in Kennesaw, Ga, Bruce R. Terry, DMD, endodontist in Wayne, Penn, and Sharon Parsons, DDS, dentist and practice owner in Columbus, Ohio.