The ADA Health Policy Institute’s second annual Dental Industry Report found signs of recovery in U.S. dental spending, reaching a historic high in 2018. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) Health Policy Institute (HPI) released its second annual Dental Industry Report. The report found some signs of recovery in U.S. dental spending, which reached a historic high in 2018 of $136 billion, or 3.7 percent of total health spending in the U.S.

“The latest data show a slight recovery in the dental care economy in terms of overall dental spending, fueled by an uptick in utilization and spending among patients with private dental insurance,” said Marko Vujicic, PhD, chief economist and vice president of HPI, in the report’s executive summary.

New this year, the report features a deep dive into dentist reimbursement, including a unique, comprehensive analysis of state-level data. Other key topics covered are the increasingly diverse dental workforce and changes in key populations of dental patients served.

According to a press release from the ADA, the report distills findings from HPI data collections to provide insight into the state of the dental industry and market trends and is an offering from HPI Consulting Services, which provides clients with customized industry research and speaking engagements targeting the dental industry.