Mary C. Trahar, DDS (pictured), Annapolis, Md, recently won the Eco-Dentistry Association’sWorld Water Day Challenge by encouraging patients to turn off the watertap while brushing their teeth to save water. In addition to having thehighest number of submissions for the challenge, Trahar signed up acumulative 200 patients for the Eco-Dentistry Association’s “Save 90 aDay!” campaign.

The Eco-Dentistry Association offered the World Water Day Contest as achallenge for every one of its 700 members to sign up as many patientsas possible for the “Save 90 a Day!” campaign, which began in 2010 as away to educate the public on the water savings achieved by turning offthe tap while brushing.

In addition to creating the “Save 90 a Day!” campaign, theEco-Dentistry Association promotes World Water Day as a way to raiseawareness on water conservation and remind dental professionals of therole they play in changing patient behavior through education.

Beyond helping patients to reduce their water footprint, Trahar’s officehas educated patients on its own eco-friendly initiatives as well assteps that each individual patient can take to live a greener life. Thegreen office has chosen to implement environmentally friendlytechniques, procedures, and materials in order to reduce waste andpollution, conserve energy and water, and recycle when possible.