Sikka Software, an innovator in the retail healthcare market, and Sphere, a provider of end-to-end integrated payments and security software, have launched a new payment platform called Sikka Payments. The platform is designed to equip dental patients with a pay-anywhere capability; and automate the payment and reconciliation process for orthodontic providers.

Sikka Payments is designed to make it easier than ever to harness the increased capabilities, enhanced security, and reduced costs associated with processing electronic payments. Mobile payments allow providers to request and accept payments remotely, preserving the doctor patient relationship and creating additional opportunities for the practice to accelerate accounts receivable collections.

“Dental offices need three key things from a payment application; to save time by making it easier for the team to accept payments, to save money by providing the best rates, and to provide today’s hyper connected patients with an easy and convenient way to pay from anywhere,” says Vijay Sikka, founder and chief executive officer of Sikka Software. “Sikka Payments, launched in collaboration with Sphere, delivers on each of these three things, and revolutionizes payments in the dental industry.”

The new payment solution will enable orthodontic practices to accept patient payments from a variety of channels, all seamlessly integrated into their practice management system, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation. These features are intended to make it easier for providers to collect payments earlier, provide a better patient payment experience, and maximize cash flow in the practice. Sikka Payments is built on the HIPAA and HITECH compliant Sikka Platform Cloud which connects to the majority of retail healthcare applications, including, according to the company, 96% of dental practice management systems.

To learn more, visit Sikka Payments.