ShowUsYourPurple_1200x628_No_LogoHu-Friedy, Chicago, will honor dental hygienists across the country by wearing purple (the official color of dental hygiene) on October 19, 2016, the fourth annual #ShowUsYourPurple Day. Hu-Friedy created this event in 2013 as a way of recognizing and celebrating hygienists during National Dental Hygiene Month.

Hu-Friedy strives to offer dental hygienists a variety of opportunities that support them in their career goals through scholarships, continuing education courses, educational events, and Friends of Hu-Friedy, the online community that provides resources available exclusively to dental hygienists.

“Hu-Friedy has many product lines and customer segments, but a group that has always been near and dear to our hearts are dental hygienists,” says Patrick Bernardi, CMO of Hu-Friedy. “We feel that the dental hygienist plays such a critical role in overall oral health and should be celebrated for all that they do. This is why we created the #ShowUsYourPurple campaign; to express our gratitude and to deliver a rallying cry for this special group to celebrate one another.”

The intercollegiate color of dentistry is lilac, so the official color designated to the dental hygiene profession is purple as it signifies compassion, purpose, and inspiration.

Supporters are encouraged to join this year’s celebration by wearing purple clothes and accessories on October 19, 2016, and tagging photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #ShowUsYourPurple for a chance to win prizes. For additional information, visit