More than 100 orthodontic practices will be invited to participate in the program, which will implement a tailored combination of the DentalMonitoring and Gaidge platforms in their practices to generate efficiencies and practice growth. 

DentalMonitoring, the AI-powered teledentistry platform, has partnered with Gaidge, the cloud-based analytics software to pilot a program that pairs their two platforms.

The partnership program is aimed at helping orthodontic practices become more efficient clinically while also leveraging reliable business systems to measure results and effectiveness. According to the two companies, the goal is to deliver the tools needed for practice growth and improved efficiency without compromising the high-touch and engaged patient experience providers expect.

More than 100 practices reportedly will be invited to participate in the pilot program, all implementing a tailored combination of the DentalMonitoring and Gaidge platforms in their practice. According to a press release, DentalMonitoring will provide the AI-powered solution to practices to help them qualify and monitor patients’ treatment remotely and Gaidge will provide their comprehensive business intelligence software. By combining them, the partnership’s goal is that participating practices will see patients convert faster, as well as gather critical real-time data to measure success and help them make more informed business decisions while saving time and resources thanks to the power of business intelligence. Pilot practices reportedly will also be able to access a peer cohort that offers additional insights and comparisons to help practice owners create more competitive strategies in their local markets. 

“DentalMonitoring and Gaidge are two like-minded and forward thinking companies. We share a company goal to help practices be more efficient, so our partnership was inevitable,” said DentalMonitoring CEO Philippe Salah. “Key partnerships like this elevate our solutions and validate what we know our solutions can do to improve a practice’s efficiency and deliver on their overall growth strategy.”

“Companies like Dental Monitoring are pioneering advancements in treatment technology and with our practice and business management solutions, Gaidge reveals what’s possible for practices and brings clarity to the opportunity and impact of business decisions,” said Ryan Moynihan, CEO of Gaidge. “We are excited to share this vision together and we look forward to serving clients with technologies that truly forward the industry.”