This September, Oral Health America (OHA) will launch its annual public awareness campaign, Fall for Smiles. The campaign encourages all Americans to take care of their mouths through daily brushing and flossing, regular dental visits, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding tobacco products.

To give dental offices, clinics, hygienists, and public health partners a sneak peek at this year’s campaign materials, OHA is hosting a Fall for Smiles webinar on August 26 at 12 pm CDT.

“We encourage all dental and health professionals across the country to get involved in this year’s campaign,” said OHA President and CEO Beth Truett. “The webinar will showcase how other organizations have participated in the past and give suggestions for how to utilize campaign materials to spread the message of the importance of oral health in your community.”

Although this year’s campaign is highlighting the struggle older adults face when it comes to taking care of their mouths, the campaign features resources for all ages that can all be downloaded for free from the Fall for Smiles webpage. The webinar will also include information about campaign partner Patterson Dental and their promotion with the American Association of Dental Office Managers to support OHA’s work to increase access to care.

To learn more about Fall for Smiles and register to attend the webinar, visit