iTero_ElementA new study, commissioned by Align Technology Inc, San Jose, Calif, shows that Invisalign® practices experience increased case growth and return on investment after integrating an iTero® intraoral scanner into their workflow.

The peer-reviewed study, published by The Journal of Clinical Dentistry, was designed to determine the percentage increase in Invisalign treatment case submissions following the introduction of an iTero intraoral scanner into general dental and orthodontic practices.

When projected across the first 12 months following acquisition of an iTero scanner, the study found an increase of 5.92 Invisalign cases for the entire sample of 1,961 GP dentists and orthodontists, and an additional 3.41 Invisalign cases for the subset of 319 lower-volume, North American GP dentists. This translates to a 19.11% increase in Invisalign cases over 12 months and a sustained increase of 17.64% over 24 months. The study also reported an economic benefit to the practice of $32,560 resulting from the increase in Invisalign cases over 12 months and a $65,175 benefit over 24 months-suggesting a return on investment in as little as 1 year.