The expiration of patents held by Align Technology Inc, San Jose, Calif, is bringing change to the orthodontic market. Companies that have been on the margins of the aligner space for years are ramping up their offerings and giving clinicians new options—companies like DynaFlex.

Orthodontic Products spoke to Darren Buddemeyer, owner and CEO of DynaFlex, to get his take on where the Missouri-based company is heading as it launches the new EZ-Align® Complete System. What’s more, Buddemeyer, who has been with the company for 25 years, explains why the new EZ-Align Complete System’s expansion capabilities are unique to this product sector.

Orthodontic Products: How did DynaFlex get its start?

Darren Buddemeyer: The original DynaFlex started as a one-person orthodontic laboratory in 1965.

OP: What’s new at DynaFlex?

Buddemeyer: DynaFlex is a dynamic, rapidly growing organization that competes in four dental related markets: orthodontic products, orthodontic appliance manufacturing, 3D digital services, and dental sleep medicine. In the domestic market we have worked extremely hard to put together a great team of territory managers that can interact with our customers every day. Over the past 5 years, we have expanded our reach to major international markets and have seen our brand become a worldwide success. We are also excited to announce the official launch of our EZ-Align Complete System to serve the ever growing need of clear aligner therapy in the United States as well as internationally.

OP: Let’s focus in on aligner therapy. Why did DynaFlex decide to move into this product space?

Buddemeyer: DynaFlex has been producing very similar devices for many years but has been restricted to minor tooth movement so as not to infringe on Align Technology patents. In October 2017, 38 patents expired opening up the opportunity for DynaFlex to expand our EZ-Align system with a complete aligner system utilizing our knowledge, technology, and our FDA 510(k) clearance.

OP: What are some of the features that set EZ-Align apart?

Buddemeyer: DynaFlex utilizes the newest materials, the newest digital technology, and the opportunity to provide a better price point than competitors. We also have the exclusive on a patented clear appliance that utilizes a mid-line expansion screw for arch development prior to aligner therapy. This potentially can minimize the need for attachments and greatly reduce or eliminate the need for IPR. Those features, combined with our industry leading customer service, give DynaFlex the opportunity to quickly gain market share in the aligner industry.

OP: What does the future hold for DynaFlex?

Buddemeyer: We are working on several new product introductions set for 2018. These projects and new products range from minor improvement in some of our existing lines, to major developments that are going to be revolutionary in the industry.

OP: What do you see as the “next big thing” in orthodontics?

Buddemeyer: We see dramatic changes in the orthodontic industry going forward. Some of the major areas that DynaFlex will be watching closely are the expanded use of digital technology, the prominence of the DSO business model, and the dramatic increase in the usage of simple chairside correction devices such as our CS system. As a company that prides ourselves on “leading the way,” we are always mindful of staying competitive, continuing our consistent growth, and delivering value to our customers. OP