dborthodontics_sandiegoDB Orthodontics, the British company known for their Ixion Instruments, Infinitas Mini Implants, and Evolve Bracket System, has recently opened a new sales and distribution center in San Diego, Calif.

James Lee, who previously served as export manager for DB Orthodontics in the United Kingdom, has relocated from England in order to lead the new office.

According to a press release from the company, having a permanent location in the United States will enable DB Orthodontics to provide better customer service in North America, including more timely service, lower shipping costs, and faster delivery times.

Company director Victoria Coppack said, “We have always had a loyal group of customers in the United States. However, operating from the UK can pose challenges, especially when it comes to time differences. Now that we have the office in San Diego, our customers can call us during regular business hours and can have their products delivered as soon as the next day.”