The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) announced that it is making it easier for members to access the latest scientific studies. JADA+Clinical Scans will provide a scientific and evidence-based assessment of select, published research articles in what the journal calls “a quick and easy-to-read format.” Covering a range of topics from periodontal treatment to sleep quality, the clinical scans are intended to make it easier for members to receive valuable research information to consider when making treatment decisions.

“As clinicians, academicians, and researchers, we are deluged with information from a multitude of sources—some more trustworthy than others,” said Dr Michael Glick, JADA’s editor. “That’s why we created JADA+ Clinical Scans, which are an essential, complementary resource in addition to the training and experience of oral health professionals.”

ADA members can access more than 40 JADA+ Clinical Scans at New clinical scans will be added frequently.