The Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center, Cleveland, Ohio, in cooperation with Motion View LLC, Chattanooga, Tenn, announced the release of the Bolton Cephalometric Standards Template System in digital form for use in evaluating the skeletal, dental, and orthodontic conditions of orthodontic patients.

The system is a collection of ideally proportioned cephalometric tracing templates based on age, nationality, and gender which help eliminate the need for manually tracing cephalometric x-rays.

The templates can overlay the lateral cephalometric x-ray, facial photo, or facial scan of a patient to quickly compare the patient’s facial proportions with those of an “ideal” standard for the population group that most closely matches that of the patient.

The Bolton Cephalometric Standards Template System is intended to eliminate the need to train assistants in landmark recognition. Users obtain dental and skeletal diagnostic information including the following: A-P incisors positions, incisors relationship to maxilla and mandible, A-P maxillary and mandibular skeletal positions, upper to lower face height proportions, and anterior and posterior jaw heights. The comparison gives the doctor an immediate assessment of the patient’s skeletal and dental relationships in relationship to standards. The comparison data is useful for planning treatment goals that are consistent with the jaw and facial characteristics of people in similar race and age groups.

Mark Hans, DDS, MSD, director and curator of the Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center, is among international researchers identifying, diagramming, and cataloging the variances in tooth, jaw, and facial features for multiple population groups.

Motion View announced that it will make a donation to the Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center for every purchase of the Bolton Cephalometric Standards Template System.