Australia granted EasyRx a patent for its lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for dental practices.

EasyRx universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for orthodontists and dentists has been issued a patent from the Australian Patent Office.

EasyRx was granted an Australian patent for what is described as a “system and method for ordering and manufacturing customized orthodontic appliances and products,” and was given Australian IP Office Patent Number 2017234439.

EasyRx software allows orthodontists and dentists to design, create, manage, and submit their patient’s appliance prescriptions online to any orthodontic or dental laboratory or in-house lab. The suite of design tools allows doctors to manage and create appliance prescriptions in a single digital location to improve efficiency.

For orthodontic or dental labs, it provides a set of tools to manage the lab from tracking cases, invoicing, and production metrics, to providing and storing the lab’s prescriptions digitally.

“We obtained a US Patent in 2019 and are very excited and proud to receive a similar patent from the Australia Patent Office,” said Todd Blankenbecler, president, and chief executive officer of EasyRx. “The patent shows the uniqueness of Easyrx and allows us to safeguard, protect and expand the EasyRx platform and system, to benefit current and future EasyRx practice and lab customers.”