The 2-day Forsyth Orthodontic Symposium will honor Dr Coenraad F.A. Moorrees and include panel discussions with global experts on translational research, technology innovation, and innovative clinical care. 

The Forsyth Institute announced it will hold a special 2-day orthodontic conference entitled Forsyth Orthodontic Symposium: In Honor of Dr. Moorrees. The symposium will take place October 7 to 8, 2022 at The Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, Mass, and will feature four sessions with presentations from leading experts in the field of orthodontics. According to the Institute, sessions include a panel discussion with global leaders and sessions with leading experts on translational research, technology innovation, and innovative clinical care.

“It is apt that Forsyth’s first orthodontic conference will be held in Dr Moorrees’ honor,” said Tingxi Wu, DDS, PhD, Forsyth’s director of orthodontic and craniofacial development research and one of the conference’s leading organizers. “He was a leader in the field, and his groundbreaking orthodontic research and education form the foundation of the field as we know it today.”

Coenraad F.A. Moorrees, DDS, was the chief of orthodontics at the Forsyth Institute from 1948 to 1987. He also held a joint appointment at Harvard University and created the first 3-year orthodontic training program in the United States.

“The symposium will provide a platform to critically assess the state of the orthodontic industry, systematically identify gaps in current knowledge, and forge new collaborations,” said Ravindra Nanda, BDS, MDS, PhD, another leading organizer of the symposium and a member of Forsyth’s orthodontic faculty.

As the Institute put it in a press release, “Moorrees’ pioneering and innovative work in craniofacial and dental development continues to have worldwide impact in the orthodontic field, not only through his publications but also through the countless postdoctoral fellows who trained with him. It is estimated that over half of those fellows went on to achieve professorial rank at academic institutions, and at least 15% became heads of orthodontic departments.”

“We are pleased to be able to continue Dr Moorrees’ legacy here at Forsyth,” said Forsyth CEO, Dr. Wenyuan Shi, PhD. “Forsyth continues to be a pioneer in orthodontic research, clinical, and technology innovations. We continue build on Dr Moorrees’ work today, including impactful research using the data he collected in his famous Forsyth Institute Twin Study.”

The International Orthodontics Foundation will be a platinum sponsor for this event. The foundation serves as a global academic platform for the orthodontic industry, focusing on improving education, providing research grants, and encouraging lifelong learning in the field. 

Registration is now open for the symposium. The Forsyth Institute expects this hybrid event to draw a global audience.