Consulting group impact 360 Consulting has rebranded as Gaidge 360 Consulting, reflecting its acquisition by PracticeTek.

Impact360 Consulting has rebranded to Gaidge 360 Consulting. The move comes as part of the Gaidge and impact360 Consulting acquisition by PracticeTek, a technology enterprise serving the SaaS healthcare market.

This transition allows a broader reach and a greater offering of solutions while allowing the continued commitment of unparalleled service to orthodontic practices across the country and abroad.

For over 30 years, the impact360 consulting team has been known for its industry expertise in developing operations, process implementation, clinical efficiency, business coaching, and strategic planning. As a valuable extension of the Gaidge business intelligence software, the Gaidge 360 Consulting team will continue to partner with orthodontic practices to create teams who perform at the highest level and are committed to delivering excellence in treatment outcomes.

Although it now operates under a new name, the team remains committed to providing the same quality of practice management coaching that orthodontic practices expect, backed by data and expertise to achieve results.

The team looks forward to meeting new clients and working together to empower teams and build better practices.

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