After retracting specific claims about SmileDirectClub from an article in its Journal, The American Academy of Clear Aligners invited SDC to become a member. 

SmileDirectClub announced that it is now a member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA), an organization focused on advancing the reach of clear aligner orthodontic therapy in North America.

A membership announcement was featured in the Fall issue of AACA’s Journal, which included a story retraction that contained misinformation about SmileDirectClub. 

Retracted details from the story included a characterization of SmileDirectClub as do-it-yourself, mail order dentistry, and unsupervised dentistry. 

The AACA also made incorrect assertions about the number of dentists willing to participate in SmileDirectClub’s Partner Network. More than 1,800 dental offices have joined the network, according to SmileDirectClub.

The Journal also retracted statements about SmileDirectClub’s Better Business Bureau rating and the company’s settlement with the Alabama Dental Board.

After AACA decided to publish the retractions, the organization invited SmileDirectClub to join the organization to pursue an honest and robust dialogue on clear aligner therapy methods.

“Helping patients to have better oral care is something all orthodontists can rally around, and bringing new ideas to the industry to make that possible is a laudable endeavor,” the AACA said in a statement. “We conclude by welcoming SmileDirectClub and their network of doctors to join the American Academy of Clear Aligners and look forward to an honest and robust exchange of ideas and information. We can all learn from each other.”

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