Amid closures, SmileDirectClub donates 3D printing capacity and plastic to aid health efforts.

SmileDirectClub has opened its manufacturing facility to partner with medical supply companies and health organizations to increase production of medical supplies necessary to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is actively seeking communications and partnerships with medical supply companies and health organizations that are in need of additional production of plastic materials such as medical face shields, respirator valves, or other supplies. SmileDirectClub urges medical supply companies and health organizations to contact them directly at [email protected] to determine if the company can be of assistance.

Specifically, SmileDirectClub is able to print materials using STL 3D printing files, and once provided can quickly offer manufacturing capacity. The company also has a global HIPAA-trained contact center team and support system to assist in health aid efforts.

“In times like these, it is incumbent on all of us to do what we can to help those in need however we can,” says David Katzman, chief executive officer, SmileDirectClub. “Reports of medical supply shortages are very concerning and we have the production capacity to help in the printing of plastic materials. Due to recent automations that increased our printing output capacity, we’re able to easily add this production to our current clear aligner therapy lines. We urge any company or health organization that could use additional production resources to reach out to us directly.”

Meanwhile, according to the Nashville Business Journal, effective March 21, SmileDirectClub closed all of its SmileShop retail locations, with the exception of its Hong Kong stores, according to a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. SmileDirectClub, which has more than 350 locations across eight countries, expects the shops to remain shuttered through April 6, or “once each country resumes normal activities.”

The company is also shutting down its manufacturing operations during the period.

SmileDirectClub employees will continue to receive their regular pay and benefits during the shutdown, according to the filing. The company will continue to offer its products online.