The UV light product enhancement is designed for the most effective toothbrush cleaning, says company spokesperson and marketing director, Grace Sheng.

The consumer electronics brand, BESTEK, has launched the M-Care Electric Toothbrush and UV Sanitizer. This FDA-certified, travel sonic toothbrush with a UV sanitizer station is designed to maintain teeth healthily while keeping the germs at bay. With a vibrational frequency of up to 31,000 strokes per minute, the product efficiently removes plaque, protects teeth and promotes oral health, according to the company.

Toothbrushes can easily incubate bacteria, fungi, and viruses if not cleaned properly. This is why BESTEK made it a priority to pair this product with a special UV sanitizer charging station. It keeps the toothbrush clean and can help strengthen an immune system by using UV light that is proven, says BESTEK, to kill 99% of all germs.

The health-protecting toothbrush is compact, functional and can be used at home or while traveling. It includes an ultra-slim wireless charging travel case and a UV sanitizer charging station.

The company reports that M-Care is also manufactured with an IP67 waterproof rating so it can be safely washed without any concerns. The smart features contain a special timer that makes sure the whole mouth is properly taken care of. It pauses every 30 seconds so that the user will know to focus on a different area. An automatic hot air dryer keeps the toothbrush dry for extra antibacterial protection.

The toothbrush comes in a convenient all-in-one travel case, which protects it from dust, no matter whether the case is placed flat or upright. The battery lasts for 21 days on standby and a single charge will be enough for an impressive 50 brushes.

The BESTEK M-Care Electric Toothbrush works in three modes that fit all the user’s needs: standard for a classic clean, soft for sensitive teeth, and whitening when they need a powerful brush. It comes in two colors and a 24-month warranty with the possibility of adding another six months.