uDesign platform. Founded in 2015, uLab has developed from offering software to a full-service provider, making uSmile aligners and retainers in Memphis. They empower orthodontists with flexible, in-house production options and additional support through their uAssist team.

Key Takeaways:

  • uLab Systems reached its 1 millionth order for clear aligner treatment plans, marking a significant company milestone.
  • Orthodontists can use the uDesign platform to either order aligners from uLab’s Memphis facility or create them onsite using advanced 3D-printing and thermoforming technology.

uLab Systems announced its 1 millionth order for a clear aligner treatment plan. The milestone was reached when Melanie Wang, DDS, MS, from Dr. Melanie Orthodontics created a uDesign treatment plan for clear aligner therapy and ordered the case from uLab.

uLab Clear Aligner Treatment Production Options

Orthodontists can use the uDesign platform to order uSmile aligners from uLab’s Memphis facility or create them in their own office utilizing 3D-printing and thermoforming equipment.

uLab Origins and Evolution

The company was started in 2015. uLab stated that it has focused on the needs of orthodontists and on providing them with treatment tools that allow them to apply their best practices. The goal was to allow orthodontists to no longer be locked into defined treatment paths dictated by technicians and the aligner vendor.

The “u” in uLab is meant to symbolize the importance of the company’s relationship with the orthodontist. uLab’s first product was the uDesign treatment planning software, which enabled orthodontists to create clear aligners in their own office-based lab.

Expansion into Full-Service Clear Aligner Production

uLab then evolved into a full-service aligner provider in 2021, offering uSmile clear aligners and retainers from its factory in Memphis, Tenn. In 2022, the company added the uAssist concierge treatment planning assistance team.

Photo courtesy of uLab