Dr. Fresh® Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of oral care products based in Buena Park, Calif, has aquired the assets of Floss and Go Inc. including the Dr. Ken’s® Natural Products line. The line of mouthwashes, toothpastes, breath strips, and chewing gums uses the therapeutic properties of green tea extract.

“The Dr. Ken’s brand is a strategic fit for us as we expand our oral care business into the fast-growing natural products sector,” said Puneet Nanda, president and CEO of Dr. Fresh Inc, in an announcement. 

In marketing the line, Dr. Fresh, which also own the Binaca brand, will be tapping into the considerable expertise of Dr. Ken’s founder, Dr. Kenneth Nussen, a celebrity dentist and a firm believer in the benefits that green tea extract brings to oral care products. The products result from Dr. Ken’s experience as a private practitioner and researcher.