Jazi Dental Inc introduces the FDA-approved MAS™ miniscrew orthodontic anchorage system. The MAS method was developed, researched and clinically tested to give orthodontists total control of anchorage during any type of orthodontic treatment of children and adult patients. The system is a result of research and safety testing from engineering, orthodontic, and oral surgery disciplines.

The system may be used for labial or lingual techniques. The screws are conical and self-tapping, made from Grade 5 Titanium, and are perfectly biocompatible. Minimal training is needed for the experienced orthodontist, and insertion of screws is safe and easy with the equipment supplied in the kit. The screw head is round and smooth, preventing any oral irritation or inflammation of the insertion area.

The introduction kit includes the minimal surgical and orthodontic equipment and tools for most applications, including but not limited to:

  • closure of extraction spaces;
  • intrusion of incisors and molars;
  • dental derotation
  • intermaxillary elastics (class I, II, and III);
  • molar uprighting;
  • correction of scissors bite and deep bite; and
  • anchorage in lingual orthodontics and for molar distilization.

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