In a pilot study, researchers examined the effect of mandibular incisorproclination using the Herbst lingual orthodontic (LO) device. Thedental effects of the Herbst appliance as an element of a customized LOappliance (using the Incognito from 3M) had not previously beenanalyzed. The traditional Herbst appliance induces mandibular incisorproclination independent of the anchorage system used.

The findings werepublished in the journal Head & Face Medicine by Dirk Wiechmann, DDS, MS (pictured at left), and collaborators. They show thatthe Incognito-Herbst combination is the first Herbst device with fullcontrol over mandibular incisor movement. With use of this system,anchorage loss or anchorage gain is independent of the Herbst treatment,and depends only on the planned tooth position of the individual targetsetup.

Twelve patients out of 632 cases treated with a lingual appliance wereincluded in the study. Seven cases had planned (target setup) mandibularincisor uprighting, and five cases had proclination (clockwiserotation). No statistical difference (p>0.05) was found betweenplanned incisor rotations of the target setup and achieved incisorrotations at the day of debonding.

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