VIOlight Inc, Yonkers, NY, has produced a white paper emphasizing the role of ultraviolet radiation, or UV-C light, as a bactericidal for the toothbrush.

The white paper, titled "The Role of Ultraviolet Light in Keeping a Germ-Free Toothbrush," details research that confirms the presence of numerous potentially harmful microorganisms on toothbrushes, many that are freely distributed with each flush of the toilet. According to the company, it’s when these environmental pathogens are introduced to the mouth during regular brushing that problems arise. 

The white paper also explains the relatively new use of ultraviolet radiation that utilizes UV light as a method to kill germs without the use of dangerous chemicals. When a UV-C light is switched on and is used for sanitizing and purifying matter such as water, hard surfaces, or—in VIOlight’s case—toothbrushes, the radiation reaches the organisms’ DNA, causing abrupt modification and rearrangement of the cells’ genetic information. This action interferes with the cells’ ability to reproduce. Therefore, the germs are not physically removed but are "inactivated," rendering them harmless and no longer able to cause infection. 

You can download a free copy of the white paper [removed]here[/removed].