Stacey Marsden and Lindsay Sinclair, Kidzpace Interactive Inc

Stacey Marsden (left) and Lindsay Sinclair are account executives at Kidzpace Interactive Inc.

Kidzpace Interactive Inc, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, is a manufacturer and vendor of “free play” active and passive electronic interactive entertainment kiosks for commercial and institutional use. Stacey Marsden and Lindsay Sinclair are account executives for orthodontic practices at Kidzpace.

OP: How does Kidzpace help orthodontic practices?

Kidzpace: Having a Kidzpace product in your office is a practice builder that makes your office a place where the kids want to go while also alleviating stress for parents and staff.

Kids will want to show up early for appointments, allowing the schedule to remain on time, even allowing for emergency appointments without running into late hours. There aren’t any loose parts and pieces to pick up and put away at the end of the day, and the kids do not need to be supervised to play.

OP: What is your most popular product line for orthodontists?

Kidzpace: Our most popular product is our Touch2Play touch screensystem. The versatility of the system is unique, with more than 100 games and 19 different languages from which to choose. The fun and excitement begin the moment you start to play and includes games and entertainment for all ages from toddler through senior adult.

OP: Tell me about the new Skate/Snow Board line from Kidzpace.

Kidzpace: Our Skate/Snow Board was introduced as a part of our Active Play product lineup and has turned out to be our biggest hit for professional offices. With the importance and awareness of kids needing to be active, the timing for the launch of this product couldn’t have been better. Kids can get the thrill of riding a real snowboard right in your office. The Skate/Snow Board is perfect for existing offices because it is compact in size.

OP: How does Kidzpace create word-of-mouth orthodontic business referrals?

Kidzpace: It’s a kid’s world, and we take our kids where they want to go with the least amount of coaxing and stress possible. When offices go out of their way to provide the ultimate destination, parents and kids not only appreciate the efforts, but they tell others about their positive experience after their visit.

Being the “coolest orthodontic office in your city or town” really pays off once word of mouth hits the streets and schools. Parents want to take their children where they know they will have a fun, positive experience.

OP: How much does it cost to have Kidzpace in an office?

Kidzpace: We have many room- and age-specific product solutions to choose from that will fit every budget. We may even have some demo and/or refurbished products available. Don’t think that kids’ entertainment is out of reach or out of your budget.

OP: Considering the down economy, is Kidzpace offering any discount or incentive plan?

Kidzpace: We recently reviewed all of our costing, and we are pleased to announce we have been able to lower prices for many of our products. These reductions are due to the cost of game systems and televisions coming down.

OP: Does Kidzpace have any new products in the pipeline to be introduced in the near future?

Kidzpace: Kidzpace always has new and exciting ideas on the drawing board, and that is why we have remained North America’s leading supplier of Interactive Game Systems manufactured for professional offices.