3M Digital Oral Care, St Paul, Minn, announced today that it will release its new 3M True Definition Scanner this fall. The new system will be released in tandem with 3M True Definition Scanner Software 5.1.

The next-generation scanner system includes a new wand, featuring a slimmer profile. The new wand—which features a narrow, angled tip—is designed to fit in the hand like a traditional handpiece and allow for one-handed scanning.

According to the company, the new 3M True Definition Scanner is built for fast scanning—once the field is prepared, “an adept user can scan a diagnostic arch in as little as 60 seconds.”

The redesigned 3M True Definition Scanner was unveiled at the 3M Digital Exchange in Minneapolis on July 31, 2014, amid a 2-day interactive conference focusing on the changing role of digital in today’s world.