3M Unitek, Monrovia, Calif, will continue as the Official Orthodontic Industry Sponsor of Smiles Change Lives, a nonprofit organization based out of Kansas City, Missouri, that promotes and provides access to orthodontic treatment for children from low-income families.

Over the past year, the 3M sponsorship has permitted Smiles Change Lives to focus its energies on reaching greater numbers of children. Today, Smiles Change Lives has programs in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, Florida; the states of Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, and Virginia; and Long Island, New York. Pending program areas include: Central Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Northern Texas, Metro San Diego, California, and Wisconsin.

“Over the past year we have witnessed firsthand the amazing results of the Smiles Change Lives program. As long as there are children who lack access to orthodontic treatment, it is gratifying to know that Smiles Change Lives will be there to help bring smiles to those faces,” said Paul Keel, president of 3M Unitek. “3M is proud to serve as its official orthodontic industry sponsor for the coming year. We are confident that with so many orthodontists committed to the program, Smiles Change Lives will experience another year of expansion into new communities and fulfill its mission of creating new smiles.”

“True partnership between the nonprofit and for-profit sector is hard to come by,” added LeAnn Smith, CEO of Smiles Change Lives. “3M has taught us that a philanthropic organization can move mountains to make amazing things happen, and Smiles Change Lives is honored to have 3M as its official orthodontic industry sponsor for a second straight year. In turn, 3M is an example of stellar corporate social responsibility; their investment in our organization will materialize as a legacy of healthy, beautiful smiles on the faces of deserving children across the United States.”

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