3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, now includes a 5-year warranty with all new lab scanner purchases. The 5-year warranty applies to all purchases of 3Shape lab scanners made after June 6, 2016, which include either Dental System Premium or Ortho System Premium software.

If a problem arises, the warranty allows 3Shape users to send the lab scanner to any of the six local repair centers around the world in the Americas, Asia, and Europe for a free repair during the 5-year after-purchase period.

3Shape continues to offer its LABcare customer program. The LABcare program’s benefits include unlimited software upgrades, training, and support.

3Shape LABcare’s unlimited software upgrades include the following features: increased scanning speeds, rewritten impression scanning algorithms, partner component, and tooth library integrations. According to the company, the software upgrades function on all lab scanner models, regardless of the scanner’s age.

LABcare members also receive special discounts on scanner trade-in programs and select deals on new scanner and software purchases. 3Shape’s network of authorized experts provides LABcare members with global support in local language and time-zone, as well as delivering a range of user events, live training, and learning resources.

The 5-year warranty is valid with all 3Shape D- or R-series scanners (models 500, 750, 850, 900, 1000, 2000) bought after June 6, 2016, that include either Dental System Premium or Ortho System Premium software packages with the purchase.