A-dec, Newberg, Ore, offers the new A-dec 300™ system. The A-dec 300 system offers customers a mid-level platform choice that’s lower in cost than the A-dec 500xAE while maintaining performance, service, and support. The A-dec 300 system allows integration of technology in small spaces, according to the company.
The unit incorporates a compact control head that supports two electric micro-motors, an integrated floor box, a small base plate and a dedicated left/right support center.
The A-dec 300 features include a 1-inch thick backrest that provides access to the oral cavity in a 13.5" to 29.5" vertical range that allows doctors of all heights to sustain posture and position their arms at their sides. A-dec 300’s modular design allows orthodontists to choose the options and combinations that best suit their individual working styles.