Kettenbach LP, Huntington Beach, Calif, has introduced its Panasil® initial contact wash impression materials to the US dental market. Because of its initial hydrophilicity, the material can immediately overcome any remaining moisture in the mouth, according to the company.  The Panasil initial contact is effective even in situations with a deep sulcus or a moist environment. Panasil initial contact is highly thixotropic. Because of its flow properties, Panasil initial contact will enter narrow gaps and does not slump or drip off the tooth into the oral cavity.
Panasil initial contact is available in three viscosities: X-light (very low viscosity), light (low viscosity) and regular (medium viscosity).  Panasil initial contact X-light flows evenly into extremely tight crevices and, during two-step putty-wash impressions, forms only a thin layer on the preliminary impression material. All three Panasil initial contact viscosities have a total working time of 1 minute, 30 seconds and an intraoral setting time of 2 minutes, 30 seconds. 
All three viscosities will also be available in the US dental market in a fast set which will shave 30 seconds off both the total working and the intraoral setting times.