Many studies now link the simplest form of gum problems, including bleeding gums, to health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and diabetes. 

Women with gum problems have an additional problem. Studies show that pregnant women with bleeding gums (a common occurrence due to hormonal changes during pregnancy) are seven times more likely to give birth prematurely, as well as deliver low birth-weight babies.

To combat gum disease, Harold Katz, DDS,  has created a complete oral care system, called PerioTherapy. The system consists of four components: the PerioTherapy Oral Rinse, moldable PerioTrays, PerioTherapy Treatment Gel/Toothpaste, and Katz’s TheraFloss. The ingredients used in PerioTherapy are all natural and do not require a prescription.

“The proprietary blend of natural compounds provide a multifaceted approach to oral health,” says Katz. “Oxygenating compounds as well as natural antimicrobials are designed to attack anaerobic bacteria and the sulfur compounds at the root of unhealthy gums. Other compounds, such as aloe vera and CoQ10 focus on puffy and swollen gum tissue.”

The PerioTherapy system will be introduced to retailers at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Marketplace, which will take place in San Diego from June 23–26, 2006.

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