ACCEPTx, Las Vegas, has begun selling its case-acceptance software nationwide, and has opened a new national headquarters. Arnold Gold, president of ACCEPTx, says, “We are thrilled to now be able to offer ACCEPTx to orthodontists across the country.”

The Windows®-based software creates fee presentations, completed contracts, and other exam-critical documents in real time. It allows each practice to define and integrate its own unique metrics, including insurance discounts, length of treatment, case difficulty, and prepay discounts.

Scott B. Murray, DDS, an orthodontist from Visalia, Calif, says, “After using ACCEPTx in my practice for over a year, my new case-acceptance rate jumped by 15% minimum … my delinquencies went down, my collections went up, and I was able to dramatically shorten my new-patient exam time.”  

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