AdaQuick has soft edges and is more flexible than the most popular intraoral film.

AdaQuick is available in two sizes, which can be processed manually or automatically: #2 for adults and #0 for pediatric use. Both AdaQuick films are available in D speed and F speed. Both D and F speeds are also available in double packs of 150 films.

Ada Products Co Inc is currently offering a free introductory sample of AdaQuick and a money-saving offer of $5 per box. To request a sample of AdaQuick, or for sales, customer service, or billing inquiries, call (800) 471-4411 or visit www.adaproducts.net.

Ada Products Co Inc was incorporated in February 2002 as an independently owned and operated dental manufacturing and supply company. Its mainstay products were formerly marketed by the Block Drug Co (now GlaxoSmithKline) and Direct Dental Service. The company’s manufacturing and distribution center is located in Milwaukee.

[Ada Products; September 5, 2007]