AirTechniques_CamXTritonAir Techniques Inc, Melville, NY, has released a new camera, the CamX Triton HD, with an interchangeable head system.

The CamX Triton HD features a slim, ergonomic design that fits in the hand. The heads are rounded and designed for easy access to the posterior and patient comfort.

The camera produces both HD quality images and live video, and features a one push auto-focus button. The CAM head provides a flexible focal distance as well, allowing users to take images from full face to macro.

The CamX Triton HD can also be fitted with the Spectra interchangeable head, which aids users in diagnosis and early detection of caries and visualization of plaque. It can also be used to demonstrate the progress of caries removal.

Both heads feature scratch-resistant lenses and are easily switched between camera and caries detection.