Align Technology Inc, San Jose, Calif, recently announced the upcoming release of Invisalign G5 innovations, specifically designed for the treatment of deep bite malocclusions.

Invisalign G5 features new SmartForce attachments and pressure areas designed to level the curve of Spee by improving control of premolar extrusion and anterior intrusion for more predictable deep bite treatments. In addition, Invisalign G5 features precision aligner bite ramps designed to disocclude the posterior teeth for improved efficiency in deep bite treatments.

Invisalign G5 is the latest in a series of SmartForce innovations from the company that include Optimized Attachments and Power Ridge® features. According to the company, SmartForce features are engineered to deliver the forces needed to achieve predictable tooth movements with Invisalign. Based on biomechanics principles, SmartForce features are customized for each tooth using advanced virtual modelings and are positioned precisely to deliver the proper forces.

Invisalign G5 innovations for deep bite will be available on all Invisalign treatment options at no additional cost to Invisalign-trained providers in the first quarter of 2014.

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