Cadent, Carlstadt, NJ, has signed distribution agreements and began sales with Henry Schein Inc, Benco Dental, Burkhart Dental, and Goetze Dental.

Under the terms of the agreements, Henry Schein, Benco, Burkhart, and Goetze will market the iTero digital impression system to the more than 100,000 dental professionals they collectively reach every 2 to 3 weeks.

According to Cadent, in 2008 the iTero installation base increased to more than 600 systems and the company experienced a 500% increase in case volume. iTero users produce more than 90% of their impressions digitally. Additionally, the combined Cadent iTero and OrthoCAD divisions processed more than 350,000 cases, and more than 1.6 million cases cumulatively.

iTero uses a powder-free intraoral scanner that takes digital images to capture the 3D geometry of the tooth preparation area. The digital model is magnified and displayed while the patient is still in the chair. This enhanced visualization, plus real-time analytical tools, enables the clinician to make adjustments as necessary before completing the scanning process.

Once the orthodontist approves the image, the file is sent electronically to a Cadent-partnering dental laboratory. All of this takes approximately 3 minutes. The laboratory reviews the digital file and sends it electronically to Cadent’s manufacturing facility for milling into the physical model. Cadent returns the physical model to the local laboratory, which applies the aesthetics and delivers the end result.