Carestream Dental, Atlanta, has launched its new intraoral scanner, the CS 3600. The scanner features high-speed, continuous scanning, an Intelligent Matching System, autoclavable tips, and high-definition full HD 3D images.

According to the company, the CS 3600’s continuous scanning capabilities reduce scan time and the impact of unsteady hands or fidgeting patients on scan quality. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Matching System allows users to freely fill in issuing information for any area in the data set. Users can jump to any position in the mouth; there’s no need to indicate an exact location to the system or to follow a specific direction, as the scanner will “auto-locate” for the user.

The CS 3600 also features a broad 13 mm scanning range that allows users to capture scans in a way that feels most natural to them, according to Carestream Dental. The scanner does not need to be kept at a fixed distance to provide optimal scans; whether hovering or briefly resting the scanner on a tooth, users can utilize whichever method they prefer without disrupting the flow or the image capture process.

The CS 3600 comes with two rounded, interchangeable tips in different orientations—normal and side-oriented, allowing users to capture scans in hard-to-reach areas while maintaining patient comfort. Both styles are autoclavable and can be used up to 20 times.

The scanner captures both 2D and full HD 3D color images. The HD 3D color feature offers images with vivid color and texture that better reflect in vivo anatomy, according to the company. In addition, these images provide precise detail needed for more effective automatic or manual margin line identification.

As in the previous generation CS 3500 scanner, the CS 3600 includes an onboard heater and is lightweight, allowing for easy carry from operatory to operatory. It produces open STL and PLY files that can be exported to any open third-party design software or lab that accepts digital impressions. There are no additional fees to scan or to send scans to a third party.