Centered Systems, Falls Church, Va, offers Second Copy 8, a software application to backup files and folders on Windows computer systems. According to the company, Second Copy 8 allows users to point to the files they want to save, to group them logically, and to schedule each group for automatic backup.

Second Copy 8 works with all versions of Windows and does not copy files in any proprietary format, allowing users to restore files onto any Windows PC, even if it does not have Second Copy installed.

Version 8 of the software includes the ability to copy open files (32-bit Windows only), support for Unicode, and the ability to copy files and folders with long names. Second Copy 8 works with local hard drives, network hard drives, external USB removable drives, thumb drives, flash drives, floppies, Jaz, and Zip drives, CD-R/RWs and DVD-R/RWs.

Second Copy includes support for Unicode characters, built-in FTP support, secure 256-bit AES encryption, and e-mail notification. The program also can ignore files that are newer or older than a specified number of days.

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