Sunstar Americas Inc introduces several GUM Crayola toothbrush and flossing products:

• GUM Crayola Games Toothbrush: Kids can play a different game with each handle of the brush. The narrow, tapered head of the Games Toothbrush is designed to make brushing comfortable for small mouths, and colorful, ultrasoft bristles are gentle on young gums. An easy-to-grip handle provides control for smaller hands.

• GUM Crayola Suction Cup Toothbrush: The new GUM Crayola Suction Cup Toothbrush is a colorful Crayola marker-shaped toothbrush. The suction cup at the base of the brush serves to reduce bathroom counter clutter and keep the brush head clean between uses. The unique angled-bristle design of the Marker Toothbrush aids children in effectively cleaning between teeth and the hard-to-reach posterior quadrants of their mouths.

• GUM Crayola Flossers: The Crayola design of the new GUM Crayola Flossers makes oral care fun and easy for children learning to floss. These flossers have an easy-to-grip handle designed especially for small hands and a narrow head for a comfortable fit in smaller mouths, according to the company. The Crayola Flossers come in lively, colorful crayon shapes that kids recognize and love.  

In a recent study of brands that resonate best with children, the Crayola brand was rated first among parents of 6-to-8-year-olds. “Parents value this timeless brand name as having a more positive influence on their kids than cartoons and theme parks,” said Dennis Roy, director of professional marketing for Sunstar Americas. “Crayola brushes have been popular among kids, parents, and dental professionals because they are designed in a new and very different style that kids like, from two companies adults know and trust – GUM and Crayola. Crayola is not just a brand name, it’s an institution.”  

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