3Shape A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark, introduces the D700 3D laser scanner with impression scanning capabilities as part of the company’s Dental System™ 2009 for digital dentistry. The D700 employs a market-unique two-camera setup and three-axis motion system. The D700 is up to 40% faster than the previous D640 scanner from 3Shape when scanning full-cast dental gypsum models. D700 scans impressions and deep inlays where single-camera scanners often are blinded by the cavity.
The D700 features a number of scan indications covering 14 unit bridges, articulated antagonist model, deep inlays, wax-up customized abutment, and others.
By instantly going from a physical impression to a digital model, turnaround time is reduced significantly as CAD-design and parallel manufacturing of models, copings, or crowns can start immediately.
The immediate digitalization of the impression also offers the opportunity to initiate client/lab communication faster, particularly if the scanning takes place in the dentist’s office.