German Jaquez, DDS, of Claremont Smile Design, Claremont, Calif, owns the first eco-friendly dental office in California certified by the US Green Building Council. It recently received recognition as the “Green Business of the Month” from the California Legislature Assembly.

Claremont Smile Design uses a KODAK 9000 3D extraoral imaging system to produce 3D CBCT images. “The image quality is outstanding, and being able to rotate the volumetric image and cross-sectional views allows me to clearly see the tooth in relation to nerves and other anatomical structures,” Jaques said.

The 9000 3D’s localized field of view reduces radiation when compared to other dental 3D systems. The staff also uses a KODAK RVG 6100 digital radiography system that delivers 90 percent less radiation than traditional film-based systems. All images, patient information and administrative tasks are efficiently managed by KODAK SOFTDENT Practice Management Software.

In addition to being paperless and filmless, Claremont Smile Design uses dental equipment and techniques that have environmental advantages:

• Steam-based, surgical-grade instrument sterilization systems contain no harmful chemicals and reduce water use.
• Biodegradable sterilization solutions such as tea tree oil and thyme are used to clean examination areas.
• The practice’s compressor and vacuum require no oil or water.
• Chlorine-free, high post-consumer recycled paper products replace traditional paper products. The practice filters drinking water and distilled water to eliminate the need for plastic water bottles.