Dental Creations, Waco, Tex, has introduced two new products: Wondergloss, a fast drying model shine for dental stones and plasters; and WonderAdmix®, a debubblizer and hardener for all die stone, buffstone, and plaster.

Wondergloss is designed to prevent staining and chipping of models and works on all dental stones and plasters, including orthodontic models. Available in a 32-fluid-ounce bottle, Wondergloss adds less than 1-micron of thickness to the stone or plaster. It is not a dip or soap.

WonderAdmix, according to the company, creates a smoother stone, increases strength and density, resists chipping and factures, controls shrinkage and expansion, and eliminates the need for surfactants in models. WonderAdmix is available in two sizes—a 400-use, 3-gallon size; and a 200-use, 1.5-gallon size. Users can self-mix using the pre-sized container.

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