DentaPure® announces that all of its products are US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) registered antimicrobial waterline purifiers. Models DP-365, DP-90, DP-1, and the Waterwise Purifier are fully compliant, USFDA-accepted, and USEPA-registered products for systems using bottled water as well as those using normal municipal water connections. The DP-365 and DP-90 are the only municipal, continuous-use dental waterline antimicrobials registered with the USEPA.

The introduction of the DP-365 and DP-90 as EPA-registered antimicrobials allows dentists using the predominant type of water-delivery system in the United States to provide water meeting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention water-quality recommendations without the need for bottles, cleaners, or testing programs.

According to Barry Hammarback, president and CEO of MRLB International Inc, Fergus Falls, Minn—the manufacturer of DentaPure—the registration of the DentaPure DP-365 and DentaPure DP-90 gives an alternative to those dentists who do not want to use bottled water systems. “On an institutional scale, at 300 operatories, the DentaPure DP-365 antimicrobial water system has been demonstrated to save more than $250,000 per year for the institution,” Hammerback said. “Cost savings result from eliminating the need to incur capital expenditures for changes to systems, such as adding bottles, as well as from eliminating labor and monitoring requirements needed to maintain high-quality dental unit water.”

Ongoing registration is expected for all of the states, including California, within the next 3 months. For more information, contact Dentapure.