A fifth grader has designed the winning toothbrush in the “’Be A Dental Inventor” contest sponsored by Dr. Fresh, maker of fun kids oral care products.

The inventor, Crystal Gonzalez,  11 years old, attends Birdielee V. Bright Elementary School in Los Angeles. She says her winning idea for a talking toothbrush came to her in a dream. In the contest, kids were asked to design a toothbrush they thought would motivate their peers to brush thoroughly and regularly.

“We’ve always believed that dental hygiene can and should be fun for children,” says a representative from Dr. Fresh, whose name has not been disclosed. “Crystal’s talking toothbrush encourages kids to keep on brushing with sayings such as ‘Mom is going to be proud,’ and ‘Your teeth sparkle like stars.’”

Gonzalez will receive a $500 savings bond and a trip to the Disneyland Resort. She will also meet with the design team at the Dr. Fresh headquarters in Buena Park, Calif.

[Business Wire, January 30, 2007]