GamesThatWork Selfie AssessmentGamesThatWork, Atlanta, has released a new version of Brush Up, a toothbrush training game designed to help children learn proper technique while developing the motivation to brush every day. The game enables children to score points each time they brush and spend the points to unlock in-game prizes.

In the new release of the game, children brush along with Budd, the toothbrush tutor. The Magic Mirror puts each child in the game, right beside Budd. To win prizes, children use the Selfie Match Game, in which they match video clips of their own brush performance with Budd’s.

Digital prizes reward conscientious brushers. A new set of motivational prizes arrive each month to subscribing families, as well as brushing reports aimed at keeping parents in touch with their children’s progress.

Brush Up can be played free of charge, but without the stream of new prizes, parental notifications, or the new matching game. Full content for Brush Up is available on the Apple® iTunes® store and the Google Play store for 99 cents a month or a one-time charge of $9.99.