NuShield triple A films prevent germ growthThe NuShield® Triple A screen protectors offer antimicrobial benefits that the Newtown, Pa, company says fights germs. According to NuSheild, the screen protectors’ antibacterial, heat-resistant coating kills and prevents the growth of germs on LCD and LED display surfaces for an extended period of time.

NuShield reports that in laboratory tests using colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, the Triple A film’s antimicrobial coating has shown a reduction rate of 99% of these germs over a 24-hour period.

Since LCD and LED surfaces are hard, they are likely growth spots for germs and viruses. Touch screens are becoming more prevalent for information input, and healthcare facilities are prone to germs. Killing germs with ammonia- or alcohol-based liquids works, but can be harmful to LCD displays. The NuShield films won’t harm the displays and will enable staffers to wipe down the surface with liquid disinfectants without diminishing their antimicrobial properties.