Hu-Friedy StreamlineDirectHu-Friedy, Chicago, recently launched its new Streamline Direct Flow ultrasonic insert family. Adding to Hu-Friedy’s magnetostrictive line, the new Streamline Direct Flow inserts were designed to offer efficient scaling at a great price.

Each of the seven Streamline Direct Flow inserts feature a comfortable, wide-diameter handle to reduce finger pinching and improve clinician comfort. The through-tip water delivery offers a targeted water flow, reduces excess spray, and increases visibility of the treatment site. Hu-Friedy’s proprietary stainless steel alloy ensures the highest level of scaling efficiency.

Hu-Friedy now manufactures three lines of ultrasonic inserts with Streamline Direct Flow, original Streamline®, and Swivel™ inserts. Each line of inserts was designed for comfort and performance, and clinicians are able to choose the particular style that meets their needs.

Streamline Direct Flow inserts are currently available in 30 kHz configurations with universal, thin, triple bend, XT, left, right, and straight tip patterns.

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