Lancer Orthodontics,Vista, Calif, now offers Philosophy 1, a rapid palatal expander (RPE).According to the company, the RPE’s microdimensions allow thePhilosophy 1 to fit close to the palate and to the center of resistanceof the palatal suture to improve the transfer of expansion force.

Providing expansion from 4 mm to 13 mm, the Philosophy 1 has nowelded seams and features newly designed expansion arms that openvertically, as well as laser markings to indicate the proper directionof rotation. Made of a steel alloy, the device has a patentedantirotation activation system that prevents unintended springback. ThePhilosophy 1’s activation “feedback” feature gives parents audible andtactile feedback with each quarter-turn (one hole).

The Philosophy 1 allows for additional rechargeable expansion whenneeded by using the plus-size body screw R13 that can be changed out inthe office. No additional impressions or wait time are needed.

Included with the Philosophy 1 is a patient chart for therapy control.

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